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“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

                                                                        Winston Churchill




Since the cost of an elite college education constitutes one’s first and largest financial outlay, unless you are confident in your ability to master the college admissions process from start to finish, I recommend that you prepare accordingly.


Just as Morningside Heights America fosters collaboration with students and parents, we encourage students to, without delay, discover their interests, preferences and goals, properly manage this complicated process, and make healthy and confident decisions about their college education and beyond.


One of the core values of Morningside Heights America is honesty. Every part of the college process is built upon trust between the student, the consultant, the parent and the institution. We strive to work only with students and parents who aspire to present an authentic and genuine student voice to the colleges and universities. It is only through an honest, ethical and moral mindset do students find the best fit destination. 


At Morningside Heights, we are committed to strong support for our students and seek a positive relationship with both student and parents, all in a student-centered, evidence-based and client-specific approach to improve the student’s probability of reaching their highest potential.


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College Admissions

Our approach is not to get you into your “dream” school because most dream schools tend to be misinformed decisions. Our primary objective is to find the “best fit, great match” institution that appeals to your interests, values, needs and goals. In this way, the school and you align, you are happy and you succeed.

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Medical School

Do you wish to go to medical school and take care of patients, or are you driven to do more like find a cure for cancer or solve a public health need? The great medical schools seek students that have a “calling to serve” and make a positive impact on those around them. If this is you, we can help.

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Our History

Our founder and our senior partners have been guiding and mentoring students for over 20 years. Recently, we decided to combine our resources and create a great company designed to assist students who are truly capable and considerably passionate. We have since developed a truly amazing company that we are very proud of. In addition, we have partnered with Harvard, Princeton and Columbia students to expand our breadth and service to our clients. Please give us a call and let’s talk.

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Business School

Are you not only smart, but are innovative, take initiative, lead when necessary and follow with required? Do you have long-term vision and short-term goals? Do you see how you fit in the greater context.  If this is you, business schools are already looking for you! Let us assist them in finding you!

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International Student

Elite American institutions seek a very diverse student body, one that actively searches for qualified students from the Far East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Competition is fierce! The journey is daunting! We can help! Please give us a call.

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Our Services

We offer basic, comprehensive and “top of the line” programs. Our services are by the hour, the job, the month or by the year. We fit your need and your budget. Let’s be partners!

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Meet our Experts

Our partners and staff are truly world class. The vast majority have attended or are affiliated with Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia Universities, or other distinguished universities. Allow our success and expert advice guide you toward reaching your goals. While many independent educational consulting companies hire former admissions officers, we hire current Ivy League students as consultants. This is the Morningside Heights America Advantage!

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The College Advantage

The key to success is “mastery” of knowledge and skills. The three steps as described by Robert Greene include deep observation, skill acquisition and lastly doing it better than your mentor. It has been said, “success is simple. It just isn’t easy. 

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Check out our blog for informative articles on topics relevant on your journey toward acceptance to your “best fit, great match” dream school. 

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Success Stories

View our case studies of students and their accomplishments. Follow our program you too can find success and happiness.

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