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The key Morningside Heights America (MHA) partners are a former Keck –  University of Southern California School of Medicine professor, a UCLA graduate who was a former University of California medical school admissions committee member, a pediatric brain surgeon with a Ph.D earned in Germany, three Columbia University Graduates, one a Newsweek journalist and TV celebrity who wrote a book on how to get into the Ivy League, one a current Columbia Business School student, and finally one a Medical Masters in Immunology graduate from Harvard Medical School. Two more of our key partners attended Harvard College, one is an English SAT/ACT and AP English Language and Composition tutor. The other attended the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and sat on their admissions committee. Assembling a unique set of prominent individuals with the knowledge and experience to help you advance to the next level, we’ve truly created something special at Morningside Heights America.


In addition, MHA staff include current Harvard, Princeton and Columbia University students available to offer essential, relevant & timely information & advice.


Finally, for students that request a “pre-submission, second opinion” review of their application from a former Ivy League admissions officer just before submitting your application, depending on time restrictions, we can likely arrange that.