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Philosophy Statement:


“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

                                                                    Albert Einstein



Morningside Heights America (MHA) prefers to embark on a journey and partnership with students and parents toward college and career satisfaction by preferentially adopting a multi-year methodology and strategy for planning a meaningful life of “no regrets.” Whether the student has exceptional talent and accomplishments, extraordinary potential, or unique experiences and perspectives, we believe that our structured approach can match the student’s interests, abilities and goals with student-centered and science-based methods. Thus, the student increases his or her chances of attaining academic and career satisfaction, tranquility and happiness.


At Morningside Heights America, we fundamentally believe it is essential for students to understand their personality, interests, abilities and their strengths so that they can discover what drives them and pursue careers that complement them. Furthermore, we assist students differentiate themselves from their peers and competitors so that they standout. Basic to our philosophy is emphasizing an authentic and genuine presentation when describing a student’s unique and compelling story. Finally, by getting our students to self-assess, self-discover, and  self-reflect, they develop a winning, proactive, and continually improving and goal-oriented mindset. At MHA, we emphasize fine character and ethical engagement, both of which are core values the best U.S. institutions treasure.