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The primary purpose of Morningside Heights America(MHA) is to honorably, respectfully and professionally serve the international client, specifically the student, graduate or medical student in his or her quest to find the “best fit” American college/university, graduate school, medical school, residency or fellowship. Morningside Heights America understands that competition is fierce at Ivy League and other premier institutions, and the process confusing and complicated. Most students receive inadequate, misguided or obsolete guidance from counselors, advisors, parents and peers. Moreover, the vast majority of high school counselors spend far less than the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) recommended 80% of their duties on actual college admissions counseling, further limiting opportunities for students to obtain essential and relevant information. Among the top 30 universities around the world, 26 are in the United States. Not surprising, there is global competition for these coveted spots, even for highly qualified candidates. Similar to high schools, a preponderance of college career advisors are unable to provide world-class guidance to students. Because of this overwhelming need, MHA was established.


At MHA, we firmly believe that what is suitable or ideal for one student may not be for another. Furthermore, applying to premier universities in the United States presents unique challenges for the international student, in particular personal essays, extracurricular activities and immigration issues. Thus, student-centered and client-specific advice is essential to increase the client’s probability of success. Morningside Heights America aims primarily to advise international students and parents from the Far East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East on admission to premier undergraduate colleges and universities, graduate programs in the STEM fields, and medical schools. In addition, we provide guidance in self-reflection, self-development, short-term planning, admissions standards and processes and long-range strategic planning. At Morningside Heights America, we have the education, knowledge, resources and experience to guide students and parents through this maze of difficult and game-changing decisions.


As previously mentioned, we advise in self-development in areas including, but not limited to, achieving Mastery with Highly Effective Habits, Improving Study Skills and Memory Retention, incorporating Social Intelligence, Discipline, Willpower, Stress Reduction and Time-Management and finally realizing optimal human performance and Happiness through Flow. Through this comprehensive, multi-year approach, MHA provides recommendations that facilitate a successful application process with relevant and up-to-date information. In order to best serve the client, MHA abides by the strict ethical guidelines of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Morningside Heights America pledges to adhere to IECA’s and NACAC’s Principles of Good Practice without exception.