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“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”

                                                                                                Leonardo da Vinci

Vision Statement:

Morningside Heights America is committed to forming a true partnership in which the client and consultant work together for the student’s benefit. We strive to continually re-think, re-build and improve our world-class services to be the best that we can ever become, and to inspire the student to continually strive to be the best that they can become, taking advantage of and creating opportunities. By accomplishing this, we aspire to become the destination of choice for high achieving and capable students in Far East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East who aspire to attend premier, research universities and liberal arts colleges, graduate schools of business and medical schools. Our consultants and business partners always strive to be the most knowledgeable, responsive, resourceful and supportive agents for our students in the industry so that our clients present the best version of themselves to admissions committees and employers. This includes creating a prudent list of colleges, universities, graduate schools of business or medical schools for that specific student to apply to. We strive to find “best fit” institutions for the client’s interests, preferences, values and abilities. MHA’s ultimate goal is life-long and world-wide career satisfaction for the student.